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novatra – we bring the nature to you

For us, this is not just a slogan, this is what we stand for. We supply the European market with the best natural goods and are your ideal partner for herbal and mineral products.

We are your direct link between you and the producer, offering a large selection of best natural goods to our customers from a wide range of products. We deliver our products directly to our customer’s doorstep on the requested delivery day and bar-coded for easy handling.

Our terms and conditions you will find here PDF Download Terms and Conditions.

Pascal Party

Managing Partner / Co-Founder

Mobile: +41 (0)79 311 36 63 

Office: +41 (0)22 575 31 16

“Climb the mountain to see the world, not for the world to see you.”

It is important to me that our customers receive a top quality service – you deserve it! We constantly challenge ourselves to do this.

Christian Baltis


Tel.: +41 (0)76 377 38 01

“A satisfied customer is a happy customer.”

It is important to me that our customers receive exactly what they need. Next to the product, the service has to be right – because the service makes the difference.